Hockey Pucks

Photo Pucks

Viatran's exclusive Photo Puck process allows you to put practically any image on a puck. Photos of star players or you mascot on a puck will make great collectors items. Non-photo images look great too, with no limit to the number of colors. Photo pucks can be indexed to increase their value as limited edition items.

Printed Pucks

Viatran's printed pucks are a staple in many team shops. Design possibilities are endless, from standard team logo pucks to cool custom designs. Get creative with designs for seasonal events, local promotions, and big games or rivalries. We can put multiple designs in the same set up; see Power Pack below for more information.

Card Holder Pucks

The Business Card Holder Puck is an excellent promotional piece because it displays your team emblem to your fans while holding their business cards. This useful puck can also be a ticket holder and would be a clever giveaway to your season ticket patrons.

Glitter Pucks

This amazing new product from Viatran will be unveiled at the upcoming CHL “Evolution of Entertainment” conference.

Foam Pucks

These foam pucks are perfect as “chuck-a-pucks” with sequential numbering available. Print pucks with your logo or a sponsor’s name. Also great as souvenir items, they are perfect for small children or can be sold as a “Stress-Buster”. Available in black, orange, red, blue, and custom colors (call for details).

Power Pack

The Viatran Power Pack gives you the opportunity to give your customers the variety they love without going over you budget. Create a collector series with as few as 2 or as many as 8 different puck designs. Showcase alternative jersey images, home and away colors, mascots and special events. Multiple designs are printed in the same set up so it costs you the same per puck as it would if you ordered all the same design.