Hockey Garments
hockey shirt

T-shirts are great showcases for your fans to display team spirit and always a big seller. Casual, comfortable and effortless, T-shirts are the basic unit of most people's wardrobes, so be sure to supply them with the best. Our interesting designs and quality printing take a plain T-shirt and turn it into an attention-getting vehicle for your team. We offer 100% cotton T-shirts in countless colors, styles and sizes.

hockey sweats and hoodies

Hoodies have become the garment of choice for many teens and the trend is spreading to their parents and younger siblings too. With the right design, fans will want to wear you team's hoodie all the time. And don't forget about sweatshirts and pants. These familiar, comfortable standbys are a great way for fans to bring their team spirit home with them.

female hockey apparel
Female Apparel

Female apparel is a great way to add sales volume to your store. Ladies can support their team and be in style with Viatran's range of female garments and designs. Don't ignore this growing segment of the fan base, call use to discuss styles and design today.

youth hockey shirt

Your young fans are your future so be sure to give them great looking shirts to wear as they grow up with your team. Viatran can create cool designs that they will want to wear to game, to school, and at home. Make them proud to wear your team apparel and create a fan for life.

infant toddler hockey onesie

Now the smallest fan can show their team spirit too with our wide selection of infant/toddler apparel. Your store can foster powerful team loyalty and make impressive sales by offering infant/toddler apparel. Whether printed on a Baby T or a onesie we have cute just-for-baby designs that are favorites with retailers.

hockey bib

When people make purchases for babies, bibs are always one of the first things they buy. Those graced with two-year-olds know the number of bibs one can go through, or how many times a month you need to purchase another. Bibs are a great item to carry in your stand. They are relatively inexpensive and a cute way for your littlest fans to support the team.